Try One of These Unique Styles When Decorating Your Bathroom

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom but aren’t sure what style to use in your new and improved space? If you need inspiration, check out these three unique styles to try when decorating your bathroom!


This style combines rustic and contemporary elements to create a chic, urban look. Industrial rooms make use of raw and exposed materials like bricks, weathered metals, or pipework to create a natural, worn-down vibe. They also commonly feature old, vintage pieces that give any space a modern touch. To try this idea for yourself, consider installing old, salvaged cabinets with sleek new handles.

This style is ideal for those who like both traditional and modern styles and can’t choose one over the other.


Another unique style to decorate your bathroom with is the craftsman style. Warm, inviting, and intricate, the craftsman look is all about craftsmanship and using natural materials, mainly wood and metal, to create a sturdy, practical, and one-of-a-kind space. In this kind of bathroom, you’ll find an abundance of handmade furniture and décor that gives off an air of luxury without being too over the top.

This style is a great choice if you want something that’s practical and has a timeless beauty that won’t fade.


With a farmhouse style bathroom, you can live a charming country lifestyle without having to pack up and move. The farmhouse bathroom mixes rustic and traditional styles; inside, you’ll find plenty of weathered barn wood and metals, barn doors, distressed paint, mason jar lighting, paneling, and exposed beams. Farmhouse style bathrooms feel homey and comforting. Once you enter, you may not ever want to leave!

If you’re a fan of traditional and rustic styles, you’ll also love the farmhouse style. It allows you to bring a piece of the idyllic countryside into your home, no matter where you live.

At Paso Robles Ironworks, you’ll find hand-forged iron bathroom hardware that will integrate seamlessly into industrial, craftsman, and farmhouse-style bathrooms. From knobs and pulls to towel bars and toilet paper holders, we have beautiful, sturdy hardware that will act as the cherry on top of your design.