Renter-Friendly Ways To Hang Curtains in an Apartment

It can be challenging to hang curtains when you live in a rental property because you don’t want to put holes in the walls—but have no fear. You have several options for hanging curtains nontraditionally. Whether you’re looking to add more privacy to your home or block out the sunlight, we’ll help you hang curtains. These are renter-friendly ways to hang curtains in an apartment.

Simple-Fit Shades

Simple-fit shades take around 30 seconds to install, making your space more private without adding holes to your walls. They lock into a place with the push of a button, and they’re entirely customizable. You’ll find them in various fabrics, styles, and colors. You can also select the opacity level for allowing sunlight in.

These minimalist shades are a pricier option, but they’re worth it if you plan to stay put for a while. Finding ways to add privacy to your rental can be challenging, and these shades are an excellent option.

Tension Rods

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap solution to hanging curtains, this is it. Tension curtain rods adjust to fit in the window frame tightly. You can easily move them from one window to another if needed. The rubber tips prevent scraping and other damage. They’re available in various colors and lengths to match your home’s decor and the window’s width.

Only use lightweight curtains with this option. Tension rods can’t handle heavy fabrics as they can sag or fall.

Command Hooks

Command Hooks are another excellent way to hang curtains in apartments or other rental properties. This option is affordable and easy to install, plus there’s a variety of sizes and styles. Ensure you find your curtains and rod first to pick the right hooks. This advice will eliminate your need to head back to the store to make exchanges.

You may want to stick with lighter drapes for this method. That’s not to say you can’t pick heavy-duty curtains. If your curtains or rod are heavier, pick hooks that can handle the weight—reserve the wrought iron curtain rods for heavy-duty brackets. The Command Hooks could fall if you overload them.

You don’t have to rent to use these ideas. They’re great for anyone! Of course, when you’re renting, you can always hang up traditional curtains too!