Wrought Iron Shelf Bracket

You can spruce up floating shelves and fireplace mantels with charming, heavy-duty, and hand-forged wrought iron shelf brackets from Paso Robles Ironworks. Our decorative yet sturdy and fully functional shelf and mantel brackets are made from solid iron plate and scrollwork and finished with a black, gold, silver, or iron patina of your choosing. We have various designs to choose from, from our simple, rustic Tuscan shelf bracket to our intricately curvy Balboa shelf bracket. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation; our experts will help you choose wrought iron shelf brackets that perfectly complement your personality and home.

  • PRI 430 2020 11 16 7957

    Balboa Shelf Bracket

  • PRI 223 2020 11 16 7958

    C-scroll Shelf Bracket

  • PRI 395 2020 11 16 7959

    Tuscan Shelf Bracket

  • S scroll shelf bracket2

    S-Scroll Mantel Bracket

  • PRI 226 2020 11 16 7955

    Tuscan Mantel Bracket