Wrought Iron Curtain Hooks & Batons

Wrought iron curtain pull wands are often an understated way to change the feel of any room. Whether you call them Wands, Batons or Hooks, these are simply the best tools ever for opening and closing drapes. Our drapery pull wands are hand forged by skilled artisans in our Paso Robles California design studio.

Choosing the right wrought iron drapery pull rods will add the finishing touches to your window dressing. Our basic hooks have a straight handle and operate by latching into the first curtain ring to draw your drapes. The benefit of these curtain pull rods is they are attached to the curtain rod but hang neatly behind the drape when not in use. All our curtain hooks are hand forged and of the highest quality. Browse our selection of curtain batons to find the perfect fit and finish for your style.

  • PRI 316 2020 11 16 7996

    Basic Drapery Baton Hook

  • PRI 396 2020 11 16 7997

    Drapery Baton with 1.75in Ring

  • Drapery Baton with 1.75in C- Ring 3

    Drapery Baton with 1.75in C- Ring

  • Drapery Baton with 2in Ring

  • PRI 396 2020 11 16 7997

    Drapery Baton with 2.5in Ring

  • Drapery Baton with 2.5in C Ring