Wrought Iron Door Knockers

Door knockers are an excellent alternative for—or complement to—doorbells. Beautiful, customizable, sturdy, and easy to install and maintain, wrought iron door knockers have a long list of positive qualities that make them worth investing in.

If you’re looking for a wrought iron door knocker with a sleek yet rustic aesthetic, Paso Robles Ironworks’ are experts! Explore the hand-forged, solid iron door knockers we have available. We can personalize your door knocker of choice with a custom fit and a hand-picked, hand-applied patina, so it installs effortlessly and blends in seamlessly with your front door.

  • PRI 154 2020 11 16 7860

    Wrought Iron Door Knocker with Long Back Plate

  • PRI 156 2020 11 16 7861

    Fleur De Lis Wrought Iron Door Knocker