Wrought Iron Ring Pull

Whether you’re upgrading your home with new cabinetry or want to give your existing cabinets a subtle makeover, wrought iron ring pulls will do the trick. Solid iron rings bestow a charming, rustic look on your cabinetry and add functionality with their easy grip and ideal amount of heft.

For wrought iron ring pulls, get in touch with Paso Robles Ironworks. Our design consultants will help you choose from our heavy-duty, hand-forged pulls and available patinas, so you can get the exact look and feel you want for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space. Shop our various pull and backplate designs today!

  • PRI 002 2020 11 16 7871

    Wrought Iron Ring Pull with Fleur De Lis Back Plate

  • PRI 237 2020 11 16 7849

    Wrought Iron Ring Pull with Long Back Plate

  • PRI 240 2020 11 16 7852

    Wrought Iron Ring Pull with Square Back Plate

  • PRI 243 2020 11 16 7851

    Wrought Iron Ring Pulls