How To Mimic High Ceilings With Your Curtains

Low ceilings can make a space feel cramped and small. Great news, though! You don’t have to renovate to add height to the room. There are tips and tricks to make your ceilings look higher and the room feel bigger. It’s all about the curtain placement.

Place Your Curtain Rods High

This trick is one of the best when it comes to creating the illusion of high ceilings with curtains. The unused space between the top of your windows and walls is the perfect place to add height. Take advantage of this space by installing curtain rods where the ceiling meets the height of the walls. Not only are you using up dead space, but you’re also adding depth and dimension.

Here’s how to achieve this look. The type of hardware you use matters for this trick. Install a traditional decorative or wall-mounted curtain rod two to four inches underneath the ceiling. If you have crown molding, the rod should go right below it. You should place them here to prevent the hardware from hitting and damaging the ceiling. If you purchase large decorative finials, account for them before you install the curtain rod. It may increase the amount of space between the top and the rod.

Ensure you purchase the right length curtains for this trick. You want curtains to gracefully kiss the floor. Purchase the right length of curtains to avoid pooling on the floor. Drapes can gather at the bottom without appearing bunchy and sloppy. Opt for drapes over curtains if you want to achieve a gathered look.

The standard height from the top of the window to the ceiling is between four and six inches. If there’s a larger distance than that, avoid going above 12 inches with your curtain rod. Going above that height will appear awkward instead of stylish.

The width of the curtain rod also plays a crucial factor in making the room feel bigger. Aim for a width of 8 to 12 inches broader than your window. It provides the illusion that the opening is greater than it truly is.

Select the Right Curtain Pattern

The reason you hang the curtains higher is to draw the eye up. It’s a strategy using vertical height, and you can utilize it in more ways than one. Apply the tactic to the pattern you choose for your curtains or drapes.

Vertical stripes are the perfect pattern that makes the eyes scan the wall up and down. It adds to the idea of a higher ceiling. Pick a curtain with a daring vertical trim to create the same effect. Horizontal stripes, floral patterns, and large designs can have the opposite effect. These will make the window feel wider instead of higher.

If you’re not concerned about privacy, sheer drapes or curtains will allow light to brighten and enhance the room. Sunlight helps make a space feel larger and loftier than it is.

Layer Shades and Curtains

Layering shades and curtains will give you privacy without sacrificing style. The window shades will sit in the window, while the curtains provide the height. Blending these will give the best of both worlds.

Other Tricks To Create Height

Hanging your curtains higher isn’t the only way to create the illusion of higher ceilings. Let’s explore a few other ways to add dimension and height to your living space.

Add Vertical Shelving

Using the wall space between the floor and ceiling helps draw the eye up and down. Shelving or shelving units effectively add storage and display space while making the ceiling feel higher. The wall looks and feels elongated, and you’re drawing the attention upward.

You can use floating shelves or purchase a tall bookshelf to move the focus upward. If you use floating shelves, ensure they go from floor to ceiling to enhance the space. Shelving adds style and height. Decorate the shelves with books, plants, or your favorite decorative pieces.

Install Crown Molding or Ceiling Trim

Installing crown molding or trim will trick the eye into believing you have higher ceilings. Crown molding adds depth and style to a standard-height ceiling. You can find and use peel-and-stick crown molding if you’re renting or need a quick and easy option.

You can also use vertical trimmings such as wall paneling or wainscotting. These two trim styles also pull the eye up to create a higher ceiling. There are plenty of wall paneling and wainscotting options to make the process easy. And you can match the aesthetic of your home.

Add Tall, Large Standing Mirrors

Floor-length mirrors have an immense impact on rooms. Mirrors reflect the space making it appear larger than it actually is. Place mirrors where you don’t have a lot of windows. Angle them to reflect the light that’s streaming through the windows to brighten and open the space instantly.

Use a mixture of floor mirrors, mounted floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and oversized mirrors to build the space of your dreams. This trick is classic for people renting small apartments, but you can use it even if you’re not renting. It’s an inexpensive way to make the space feel larger.

Place Wall Art Higher

Simply moving your wall art or photos higher on the wall can make the ceilings feel higher. You’re elevating the space and moving the attention toward the top of the wall. A gallery wall is an excellent use of wall space that will elongate it. Find a mixture of family photos, artwork, and decor. You can also use an oversized piece of canvas art. Ensure the work fills enough of the wall with both proportion and scale.

Use the above advice to create the ideal space in your home. You can mimic high ceilings with curtains in any room because these tips aren’t reserved for dining or living rooms. Try them in your bedroom or on French doors or sliding glass doors.

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How To Mimic High Ceilings With Your Curtains