Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing New Drapery

Curtains are a worthwhile investment in any home. These versatile fabric pieces can add additional privacy and help block out any light pollution during the day and night. Unfortunately, people sometimes make a few errors when hanging up their curtains. These are the common mistakes to avoid when installing new drapery.

Measuring Incorrectly

Correctly measuring your windows seems straightforward. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unsuccessful. Most people measure the length and width of the window itself, but that’s not where you’ll end up hanging the curtain rod and curtains. The standard location for curtain hanging is close to the ceiling because it adds height and visual dimension to the space.

First, you should measure top to bottom. Start a few inches below the ceiling and stop at the floor. This measurement will provide the correct curtain length. To achieve the proper width, measure the window width and multiply that dimension by two or two and a half to attain adequate fullness. So, if you have a window that’s 24 inches across, you should look for panels that are 48 inches wide.

Purchasing Inexpensive Hardware

Some people could experience sticker shock when noticing the price tag on quality curtain hanging hardware. They may think, “Its sole purpose is to hold up my curtains, so how expensive could it be?” But investing in strong hardware will save you from future headaches.

Wrought iron hardware provides a rustic style that will cozy up any space. Paso Robles Ironworks is the leading expert in wrought iron curtain hanging hardware. Our curtain rods, brackets, and wrought iron drapery rings will effortlessly complete the look.

Avoid thin, flimsy, and short curtain rods for hanging your drapery. A slender rod won’t be able to handle the weight of the fabric. You could end up with a rod that sags in the middle. If you don’t buy a long enough curtain rod, your drapes won’t cover the entire window.

Choosing the Wrong Curtain Style

Curtains serve specific purposes for our homes. They complete a style, add privacy, and can reduce the amount of light. Choosing the wrong curtain style could result in purchasing new ones because the current drapes don’t operate as you’d like.

Avoid tight-fitting rod pockets if you plan to open and close the curtains daily. Don’t purchase sheer curtains if you’re looking to block sunlight.

Understanding the common mistakes made when installing new drapery will help you avoid making them. Ensure you measure correctly, don’t purchase hardware because it’s inexpensive, and find the right curtains for your space.