An Easy Guide to Creating Designer-Worthy Window Treatments

Changing your window treatments can be an overwhelming process. There are multitudes of blinds and shades that you need to consider. On top of that, you need to look at the various types of curtains and curtain hardware. There are so many choices and so little time. How do you create a designer-worthy window treatment in your home? Continue reading for an easy guide to help walk you through and provide a few ideas.

Create a Budget

Before you begin shopping for window treatments, you must understand how much you’ll be spending. You need to have a realistic budget and expectations about how much money you’ll need. You may think you’ll only need around $100 per window, but that will usually only allow you to purchase basic blinds.

Walk into a home improvement or a window treatment store to see what catches your eye. Look at the prices of what you like and see if you can afford those pieces or need to find less expensive alternatives. Consult a window treatment expert to find places where you can save money but still get the same aesthetic or a similar one. Doing this can help you avoid financial mistakes and explore the best options.

What’s Your Style?

Finding the right style for your home is vital for choosing the right designer-worthy window treatments. Creating a cohesive look throughout your home is necessary. Do you want a natural, neutral look? Are you craving a chic, modern style?

Look through magazines, books, and online pages for inspiration for your home. These are great tools to utilize to help you find a clear style and design you like. You can take these photos to the store to help you find exactly what you’re searching for. It can also show you which looks to eliminate.

What feelings do you want to evoke when people walk into the room? If you want a comfortable, cozy feel, you’ll need to add more layers of blankets and pillows to drive the look home. Are you going for a minimalistic style? Look for shades and curtains with clean lines and neutral colors.

Look at Each Room’s Function

What function are your blinds and curtains serving? Do you need blackout curtains for your bedroom? Are you trying to minimize glare in your family room or home office? Does your dining room need more privacy? All these questions will help you decide your best options.

Consider motorized blinds for offices, bedrooms, and family rooms to get privacy, zero sunlight, and less glare at the push of a button. Some options pair with apps on your phone, offering user-friendly ways to open and close your blinds. Understanding these goals will help you find the right blinds for your space.

Have Experts Measure Your Space

It can be overwhelming trying to measure the window yourself, as you need to know where to measure from and write down the precise measurements. It’s stressful! Having an expert measure the window and space is one of the best ways to ensure the blinds fit. Blinds and shades have to fit perfectly into the window. Otherwise, you have to start all over. This tip will help you relax and know that the blinds will sit exactly as they should.

Professionals will also measure based on the products you choose. You’ll end up with a fabulous result and less anxiety.

Modern Treatment Ideas

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, clean, and minimalist style, you should go for modern window treatments. Look for cordless blind designs to eliminate any cord clutter. They make it simple to open and close the shades. As for color, go for a shade that contrasts with the wall paint color. This hue will help complete the modern feel and style.

Opt for steel hardware, such as nickel or chrome, to take the modern look over the edge. The sleekness of steel will create a cohesive appearance in the space. The best options for a contemporary design are motorized shades or blinds. Modern window treatments give you control over everything at a click of a button!

Classy Treatment Ideas

Roman shades and romantic drapes create an elegant and classy style for your home. This look is all about your fabric choice. The material should convey softness, deep folds, and layers. One way to achieve peak classiness is with floor-to-ceiling oversized drapes. It gives the illusion of higher ceilings. Add shades or blinds behind the drapes to create an elegant layered effect. As a bonus, add different colors and textures to up the elegance factor.

Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Friends, family members, and guests tend to gather in the kitchen, regardless of the occasion. The gathering of people and the cooking increase the kitchen’s temperature. You’ll therefore want a set of blinds that can withstand the pressures of the space. Look for easy-to-clean and low-maintenance blinds or shades. They should provide excellent ventilation and be durable due to all the spills and splatters they’ll endure.

Faux wood blinds are excellent options for the kitchen. The extra moisture won’t cause them to fade or warp. You won’t need to worry if you splash dirty dishwater from the sink or drop a spoon into spaghetti sauce. Ensure you wipe the blinds down at the end of the day to keep everything clean.

Cordless blinds excel in the kitchen space. The last thing you need is a cord stuck in the garbage disposal or falling into a dish. Also, avoid curtains in the kitchen due to the messiness of the space. Shutter blinds can still make the kitchen pop and look great from the street if you have a front-facing window.

Ideas for Your Family Room

Besides the kitchen, the family room is another often-used space in the home. The family gathers there to watch movies and television and relax. You want blinds and curtains that will add privacy to this room while creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Does your family room receive lots of direct sunlight? Solar shades are cool and unique options to consider. These shades block out UV rays and sunlight during the day. They cut down on glare, making them perfect for rooms with televisions.

Don’t forget about the decorative hardware when you’re installing your curtains. Paso Robles Ironworks has beautiful curtain rods and hardware to complete your window treatments’ look. You can continue to reference this guide on creating designer-worthy window treatments each time you change the style of your home. It will help you decide what you want and how to achieve it.

An Easy Guide to Creating Designer-Worthy Window Treatments