5 Easy Ways To Update Your Home’s Interior

Giving your home a makeover seems like an overwhelming task, but it’s necessary. The good news is you don’t have to bust down walls or break the bank to refresh your house. You can find easy ways to update your home’s interior that don’t feel as daunting. Tackle one project at a time until your place feels complete.

Refresh the Lighting

Poor lighting can make a room feel dark, uncomfortable, and small. Brighten up your space to create a warm, welcoming, and open environment. Table and floor lamps are an excellent way to refresh the lighting in any room. Strategically place the lamps to create ambient lighting and clear away the dark corners of your home.

Adding recessed lighting with a dimmer switch is an excellent way to layer lighting. Layering is great for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. These spaces typically need different lighting for different times. For example, during the evening, you can dim the lights to watch a movie and wind down. But during the day, you can brighten the lighting.

Update Your Window Treatments

Window treatments often go bare or forgotten. If you update a room’s style, you must also update its window treatments. Adding new life to your windows can make your home feel complete.

Take a cue from your home’s décor. Do you prefer a beachy aesthetic? Are you into a clean and chic modern design? Your curtains, blinds, and drapes should reflect the same colors as the rest of the space to create an effortlessly cohesive look. Don’t forget to invest in quality curtain rods and hardware. Paso Robles offers exquisite iron drapery hardware perfect for any home.

Upgrade the Appliances

It’s common to find homes with outdated appliances. These older stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers suck more electricity than you think and look old. Slowly begin to replace the older ones with newer, more efficient versions. Purchase the appliances while they’re on sale to save money.

Add New Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Knobs and pulls can immediately date a kitchen and bathroom. Head to your local hardware store to find the perfect set to fit your space. You can mix and match knobs and pulls to create the right aesthetic. Stay away from using different colors or finishes.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make boring and dreary walls come to life. Faded paint isn’t doing anything good for your home. Plus, you may want a more vibrant color. Add an accent wall to any space by making one wall a bolder hue than the others.

Updating your home’s interior is easier than you may think. The above ideas should spark inspiration to help you create the perfect, cozy house.