4 Ways To Combine Window Treatment Styles in Your Home


Blinds don’t look that great by themselves. If you want to add flair to your window treatments, here are some different ways to combine styles.

Not all rooms serve the same purpose, so you need your window treatments to vary from room to room. You can combine window treatments to create the best look and style for each room. There are a variety of ways to get the combination right. Keep reading to discover four excellent methods.

Stick With Neutral Hues

Neutral hues make it easy to ensure nothing clashes. You’ll create a cohesive look and allow the statement pieces to shine. For example, you could pair white Roman blinds with beige curtains.

Break up larger windows with blinds and ensure you use contrasting hardware, such as hand-forged curtain rods from Paso Robles. Utilize blackout curtains for the bedroom for a good, restful sleep.

Don’t Forget About French Doors

French doors are a great way to create sophisticated and stylish looks in your home. They let in a lot of natural light, but they also allow heat and cool air to escape. Utilize both blinds and drapes or curtains to let in the sunlight while keeping the warm or chilly air inside. Use the same fabric on other windows in the room to create a matching look.

Sheer drapes will add privacy and style to your space. Hang sheer drapes on your French doors so you can enjoy a meal without your neighbors watching. They’re also excellent for filtering the sun on a hot day.

Consider Shutters

You don’t see a lot of shutters in the U.S., but they make an artful and lasting impression. Add sheer curtains or drapes overtop to complete the look. You can easily close everything up for privacy or open them up during the day.

Look for colorful shutters for a fun twist to bring in a pop of color. Pair them with a neutral-toned curtain. You’ll create the perfect ambiance in the space with colored shutters and sheer drapes.

Try Contrasting Shades

Find neutral-colored blinds, and add a pop of color with a contrasting shade. Let your window treatments create a visual statement every day. Find blinds in the same shade as your walls and ceiling for best results. The idea is to have them blend into the surroundings, allowing the curtains or drapes to stand out.

Combining window treatment styles doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember, no matter which idea you try, your blinds and curtains need to create a unified look in your space.