3 Tricks That Make Installing Curtains Easier

Hanging curtains can seem like a daunting task. There’s the measuring and the leveling and then measuring again. The steps can seem never-ending as you try to balance on a chair or ladder. You may end up thinking, “isn’t there an easier way?” These tricks will make your life easier when you’re installing curtains.

Use Magnetic Curtain Rods

Your entry door is most likely magnetic, which makes hanging curtains over doors easy peasy. There aren’t many other places you can place these simple rods, but the front door is the perfect way to utilize them.

Ensure you get the correct size curtain rod to fit on your doorframe. Understand that magnetic curtain rods can’t handle heavy curtains, so choose your curtains wisely. Once you put the curtains on the rod, extend and fit the rod into place. Use a leveler to ensure the rod is straight, and test the rod’s magnetism to ensure it will hold. That’s it!

Utilize Command Hooks

Command hooks are useful tools homeowners can use to avoid putting holes into the walls when hanging curtains. You’ll need at least two command hooks, and ensure you have the right size. The hooks have to handle the weight of the fabric and curtain rod.

Measure your curtain rod and use a pencil to mark where you’ll place the hooks. Press the Command Hooks firmly against the wall after peeling the adhesive and hold it in place for at least 30 seconds. Allow 30 minutes to pass before you hang up the rod and curtains.

Tension Rods Are Also Useful

Tension rods can easily fit into many windowframes and can adjust to whichever size you need. These rods eliminate the need to measure and ease installation. Ensure you purchase a tension rod that’s close to the size of your windowframe. Test out the size until it fits snuggly into place.

Like magnetic rods, tension rods can’t handle heavier curtains and drapes, so choose your drapes and curtains wisely. The rods can also slip down over time, so you may need to readjust and tighten them.

Curtain installation doesn’t have to be difficult. The above three tricks will help eliminate any headaches. Head over to Paso Robles Ironworks to browse our selection of stylish and sophisticated wrought iron curtain rings after you’ve picked out the perfect curtain rod. With our unique curtain rings, you can create a beautiful look in any room.