3 Tips for Decorating Windows With Iron Curtain Rods

Do you feel like your windows need a little je ne sais quoi? Dress them up with iron curtain rods and a curtain to match for an immediate transformation. Iron rods and their accompanying curtains can make a room feel cozier and more private, creating a warm, welcoming feel.

If you’re planning to use curtain rods in your house, follow these three tips for decorating your windows with iron curtain rods to ensure your new hardware looks and functions beautifully once installed.

Place Them Wide and High

If you want your iron curtain rods to provide maximum coverage and really stand out, we recommend installing them below the ceiling rather than above the window frame. This gives the illusion of your windows being taller, which can, in turn, make your ceiling feel taller and your room bigger. Ideally, you should place your hardware two to four inches below the ceiling, so the rod or curtains don’t collide with it.

Customize the Rod

Another tip for using iron curtain rods to decorate your windows is to invest in a personalized rod. There are various kinds of curtain rods to choose from—standard, bay window, corner, double, French, and more. These correspond with the type, size, and placement of your windows, so choose accordingly. You also have a say in what the rod looks like. With iron rods, you can choose from various finishes, including gold, silver, black, and iron patinas. You can also select the style of finial, which is the decorative cap at each end of the rod.

Measure Before You Hang

This might seem obvious, but it’s a crucial step if you want your curtain rods to look stunning, not wonky! Before you purchase your new curtain rods, carefully measure your window frame and jot down the width. You’ll want to give yourself an allowance of three inches on either side of the frame to give the curtains enough room to open, so add six inches to your measurement. You’ll also want to leave four inches above the frame to accommodate the mounting hardware.

Bring a touch of class and rustic beauty into your home with hand-forged wrought iron curtain rods from Paso Robles Ironworks. We have many kinds of curtain rods available to suit different windows. Customize your rod’s length, mounting style, finial, and finish to create a one-of-a-kind piece that will fit your home like a glove.